ACE Electrical Australia | Services
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HV & LV testing

Testing has been a cornerstone in ACE Electrical business for two decades and we continue to expand testing capabilities with new equipment.

Earthing systems

The installation of earthing systems must be done by qualified and experienced technicians, with ongoing maintenance and inspections.
ACE can drill, install, test and maintain earth grid networks, backed by modern equipment and years of experience.

HV & LV fault finding

Cable faulting finding is a growing industry, ACE has a proven track record of safely and efficiently finding cable faults across WA and Australia.

Utility Construction

Trenching, drilling and cable laying has been the core of ACE Electricals’ business since 1994, with the experience and equipment to successfully complete any project.

Service Locating

Prior to any mechanical excavations beginning, it is essential that you locate and pothole all services in the vicinity. ACE Electrical has been providing service locating for over 15 years with multiple locating units